Introducing the 8th May 2011 Readers – 2. Gerry Loose

Gerry Loose has lived in England, Ireland, Spain, Morocco (briefly) & now Scotland. A slow-moving nomad. His work has been in poetry, agriculture & horticulture. He also also designs & makes gardens and his poetry is as likely to appear in these (& ungardened landscapes) as on the page. His recent publications include that person himself: a book length poem (Shearsman 2009), the deer path to my door: poems (Oystercatcher 2009), and starworks: poem foldout (Longhouse, Vermont 2009). Forthcoming is fault line – from which the poem below is taken – a set of a hundred lyrical poems each with commentary concerning the Highland Fault Line near Faslane.


how clear shadow is
clearer than lined hand
than veined leaf
than handbones
held to shade eyes


stolen expressions
of existence
there’s one whose name is lost
Tharsuinn the crosswise hill
& Auchengaich
Chaorach hill of the fank
Maol an Fheidh bleak hill of the deer
the dappled hill
Creag Madaidh little crag of the fox
& the lookout hill of the sheiling
here’s the stony hill
the high cracked hill
the red hill & the black hill crowding
litter of the shoreline
& Faslane the homestead of sorrows

  1. Shame I can’t be there. Gerry has submitted several poems to my blog and I’ve published a few from ‘fault line’. Enjoy his reading!

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