Introducing the September 2010 Readers – 1. Michael Pedersen

Michael Pedersen is a 25 year old poet/spoken worder of Caledonian Stock. His inaugural chapbook Part-Truths (Koo Press) was a 2010 Callum MacDonald Memorial Award finalist. His sequel chapbook The Basic Algebra of Buttering Bread will be available in September from Windfall Books. Based in Cambodia for the last ten months he has been script-writing for a forthcoming motion-picture and attempting to learn Khmer.

No.58, Slorkram (Siem Reap)

This stilted house (of heavy heart) speaks
out in castigation of the card-counting
swindlers gambling by the river.

Ferny feet hide secrets buried deep
in the soil, down beneath the timber,
where, all earthy, only spiders stray.

Together we watch the sky like television
screens: lapis days turn back to black
booted nights but we natter on,

letting colours creep and silence settle
behind the shadows of shrubs –
think milk mixing into tea. Tonight

the ether’s eyeballing us, winds gallop
from tufts to yarns, settle in yawns –
a telltale sign to shamble off to bed.

‘Remember Michael’ (with a voice
brass as bells) ‘inside all bones are white
and souls are soft as ripened Mango’.

‘Of course. I won’t forget it.
And tomorrow can we talk about
the Big City who lost his feathered hat?’

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