Introducing the June 2010 Readers – 5. Jon Stone

Jon Stone was born in Derby and now lives in Whitechapel. He is co-creator of hand-built lit journal Fuselit and Sidekick Books, a new publisher of themed anthologies. He was highly commended in the National Poetry Competition 2009 and his debut pamphlet, Scarecrows, was released by Happenstance earlier this year. Luke Kennard describes it thus: “Angry, beautiful poems which access parts of your mind you didn’t know you had … It’s hard to capture the sense of joy I get from reading this collection.” Jon maintains the site

‘No one knows the things you keep from me’

Not the doctor. Not the best friend. Not Jean Grey.
Not the addled priest who I’ve been watching pray

for any decent, half-revealing anecdote,
my blade against the pitched tent of his hairless throat.

Not your parents, not when they were – well, alive,
even with my torturer on overdrive.

Not the nine enchantresses of Avalon.
Not the paid informant, nor the other one,

nor the one I haven’t paid, the volunteer
whose motives are well known, yet on the whole unclear.

Not the archivist who makes a log of us.
Not the greatest of your six biographers.

Not the man who, combing stalls at Comic-Con,
finds a copy of the Necronomicon.

Not the dying signalman who stammers
deep into my ear. Not Nostradamus.

Not Cassandra, suddenly mischievous
and all the court reduced to true believers

and then the world, as if lined up, shot through.
Not the beardy old guy and not you.

– previously published in Under The Radar.

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