Introducing the June 2010 Readers – 4. Marion McCready

Marion McCready was born in Stornoway and brought up in Dunoon, Argyll where she lives with her husband, three-year-old son and eight-month-old daughter. Marion studied Politics, Classics and Philosophy at Glasgow University and has been published in a variety of journals including The Glasgow Herald, Edinburgh Review, Horizon Review and The Red Wheelbarrow. Calder Wood Press will be publishing a pamphlet of her poems in 2011.

Who Am I?

I was born of the river,
a quine of the shore.
Under a sunless sky
I wear seaweed in my hair.
I have sunk giants.
I have a body of stone.
I close my eyes and hear
the small round o
of a mouth, whistling.
The owner passes me by
like the many mothers
who come to me in dreams
like the carrion crows
that kaar at my feet.
The grey seals howl by night
on my thigh.
I am a rocky shoal,
a dangerous reef of drying rocks.
I am The Gantocks.

(first published in Poetry Scotland)

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